meet lauren, owner and boss lady of our paper-obsessed world.  she's a former jersey girl who found herself in the capitol of country music after marrying her college sweetheart, tim.  with wit quicker than a new york minute and a heart bigger than all the hair in jersey, she brings big city style to our small southern town.  With a degree in Textiles and Clothing and a burning desire to have her own own business, Lauren dreamed up a stationery store that would bring downtown New York to downtown Franklin, one of the most charming suburbs of Nashville.  taking her love of fashion and channeling it through paper, she has created a go-to spot for goodies that celebrate everyday life and all special occasions.  whether it's invitations, party accessories, etiquette advice or perhaps the perfect gift you're looking for, she knows just the thing. when she's not chasing her adorable little girl around the sales floor, she's designing something breathtaking or discovering the next fabulous trinkets and treasures to line our shelves with.


we believe:

Paper is a lifestyle • in always sending thank you notes • The Barefoot Contessa can do no wrong • Every guest room should have a notepad on the night stand • A cute apron can make you cook better • The wrapping paper is better than the gift • A loaf of French bread & pat of butter can make you feel better far as gifts go...anything paper is perfect.




ashley, our nashville native and resident free spirit, can usually be found creating away behind the screen of her mac, scheming up her next big idea (the best ones over a glass of wine) or daydreaming about ryan gosling.  she can tell you all about your star sign, is always laughing and loves a good prank.  with a graphic arts degree and photography background, she has an eye for design and enjoys keeping up with the latest trends.
ashley loves paper, calligraphy, pastel colors, little details, horoscopes, collecting hippy dippy rocks and going above and beyond to help clients bring their design visions to life.



meg loves parades, navy, stripes, kate spade, golden retrievers and most of all...people.  she's the friendliest face you'll ever meet and seems to spread a little bit of happy everywhere she goes.  she's a pro at all things customer service, can wrap a present like nobody's business, and with a background in interior design, she's quite nifty at creating awesome displays and styling the perfect photo.  for a califonia girl, we think she's pretty nashville.  when she's not busy making us laugh, she loves helping customers dream up beautiful paper projects.  come on in and say hi!


thaxton, our shop dog spends his days trying to sneak onto the sales floor from his back room pillow and can be quite the little rascal.  don't let those sweet little eyes fool you, he is probably up to something and likely trying to get the doggie bag you are carrying from lunch.  there isn't a stranger he doesn't love (unless you are the mail carrier) and always looking for a really good scratch behind his cute little ears.