glittery pumpkin goodness

hi dolls!  if you're anything like us, you feel down-right giddy this time of year when the air gets crisp, the leaves start to turn and the pumpkins begin to appear at the farmers market!  we felt like putting a little bit of pumpkin love outside the shop yesterday and since our latest motto has been "everything is better with glitter", we decided to sparkle the sh*t out of these guys!  this could be cute with so many different designs and an added bonus:  no messy pumpkin guts or molding that comes with carving! 

we, of course, opted for the white pumpkins and chose gold glitter to decal them with.  we're pretty sure any sort of modge-podgy glue would work, but we used our handy dandy yes! paste for this project.

we (semi-sloppily) drew out our logo design with a gold marker just incase there were any sparse spots in the glitter.

with a small paintbrush, we laid the glue over the gold design and then went to GLITTER-TOWN!  we love our martha stewart glitter in yellow barite.

IMG_6038 copy.png

the finished product outside the shop!  (we also glued these puppies together with the same yes! paste to wise-guy-proof and prevent them from knocking over.)

we'd love to see what glittery goodness you guys come up with for your pumpkins!  tag us on instagram @therockpaperscissors with your sparkly shots!

the gals at rock paper scissors