A very confetti first birthday celebration

Owning a stationery boutique comes with a certain amount of pressure when it comes to your little's first birthday.  So, I knew when little Miss RPS turned one, a few years ago, i needed to pull out all the stops (which apparently meant crafting to the wee hours and hiding receipts from the hubby).  I began with a color scheme of blush, mint and gold and the rest is history!

first up, the invitations... the pressure!!!  i designed the invitations, punched my very own custom confetti so the colors were perfect (who knew you could get a blister from a whole punch) and enlisted my friend heather from real card studio to foil them in gold.  i then tucked a measured amount (yes, i'm ocd) into glassine envelopes, which i attached to each card and then sent them on their way!

taking gold and pink circle stickers from waste not paper, I created a confetti pattern on the wall above the fireplace (and thankfully, they stayed up there and didn't peel any paint off when we took them down... phew).  I then finished off the mantle with yards and yards of tissue garland I made, cardboard letters painted gold and sweet photos of Piper's first year.

Is there anything better then a chandelier of honeycomb balls floating above the room?!  Mr. RPS would say "sleep" would have been better, since he was on a ladder in the middle of the night with me saying "to the left, a little to the right, no go back" from below.  You guys, my hubby really loves me, that's all i have to say!

The one thing i was concerned about was where was i going to fit everyone!  So we decided to move the living room furniture into the garage and rent farm tables, benches and vintage desks from southern events for the day.  It gave us enough space for everyone to be comfortable and not feel like anyone was going to spill chocolate sauce on my white couch.  Since then, we have done this for other celebrations, from birthdays to Easter dinner and it has been perfect. I even had my brother, who is super talented, make farm tables and benches for me that we store in the garage and can bring out for large parties.  Best investment ever!

Food, food, and more food!  I really wanted to concentrate on all the little details of the party, so I needed the food to be simple but fabulously yummy.  i decided an ice cream and hot dog bar (named after our beloved pup) was the perfect solution.  We prepped tons of toppings, rented a soft serve ice cream machine and hot dog warmer and enlisted an extremely talented friend, astrid, who bakes specialty cakes to finish off the menu.  let's just say, astrid really loves me, because her and hubby painstakingly made all the fondant confetti... even painted some of them gold.

of course all the little paper accessories, are a must... so i designed coordinating labels and menus for all the yummy goodness we were serving.  I'm obsessed with food packaging and ordered everything from french fry holders, hot dog baskets and ice cream containers to finish off the details from a restaurant supply store.

I block painted and dotted plain wooden utensils with martha stewart craft paint and adorned pink dotted straws from our shop with handmade tissue poms.  and because i firmly believed party hats were needed, i used metallic mint and pink paint on paper cones, holiday tinsel garland in gold to make the pom pom and fringe and glued plastic headbands on them so guests didn't have to feel too silly with yarn knots tied below their chins... that's just not chic!  butcher paper is seriously one of those craft supplies, i think everyone needs.  i spray painted gold stripes on mine and used it as a runner on the tables.


i have serious anxiety worrying that guests will be bored at my party.  so, i love to have a little activity for not only the kids but for the adults to do too.  so, i set up a watercolor station with white board canvases and inexpensive watercolor kits from michaels arts and crafts and asked everyone to paint piper a little something for her to remember.  it ended up giving miss rps such precious keepsakes from her party from friends and family.  i made sure to tell everyone they didn't have to be an artist, we just wanted them to have fun and fun they did!  from self portraits, birthday cakes to landscapes... guests made the cutest paintings.

my bff, dabney lee, painted piper a portrait for her first birthday.  after i finished squeeling and tearing up at such a lovely gift, i quickly hung it on the wall before the guests arrived for everyone to see!

i wanted to do something really special for piper for her first birthday.  a keepsake from her mommy and daddy that hopefully she can pass down to her own children.  so i wrote a children's book and then gave them as favors to everyone.  I loved working on this project!  after writing the story, i created story boards for the illustrator, who worked at the shop for a bit, and then sent them off to blurb to be printed.  i'll need to share the whole book with you in another post!

i can't believe this party was so long ago!  Little MIss RPS will be 4 in a few months and there were tons of other celebrations along the way that we will share with you in the coming weeks!

xoxo, Lauren